Safe Harbor Center’s first-ever fundraising competition, Champions for Children, proved to be an extraordinary triumph. Seventeen remarkable community leaders joined the cause to serve as our “champions,” engaging in a spirited competition to raise funds for our mission: providing security and stability to children and youth in Coastal Georgia communities. “Our goal is to create a better future for the children in our community, and we can’t do it alone,” Michelle Fasig passionately declares. 

Embracing a profound mission, our champions embarked on an eight-week journey to raise awareness and funds for Safe Harbor Center, igniting a spark of hope in the lives of the children we serve. With unwavering determination, they tapped into their boundless creativity, reaching out to cherished friends and family, orchestrating private events, and leveraging the invaluable support of our dedicated marketing team. The dedication we witnessed from our champions throughout these weeks has been nothing short of extraordinary. 

The Champions for Children campaign has surpassed all our expectations, leaving an immeasurable impact on the lives of the children and youth we serve. “Collectively, we have had over 500 donors participate in the campaign with over $135,000 raised and over 70% of participants being first-time donors to Safe Harbor Center. It’s profound to think about what the ultimate amount raised this year will mean to the children and families touched by Safe Harbor,” Fasig says proudly. 

At present, Safe Harbor operates seven distinct programs dedicated to supporting and uplifting the individuals we serve. To touch on a few, our Children’s Center provides a full-time residence for up to 24 kids year-round, offering them a safe home for as long as they need it. Additionally, our Advocacy Centers conduct forensic interviews with children who have experienced sexual abuse, ensuring their voices are heard and their experiences validated. Lastly, our Street Beat program is dedicated to addressing the needs of runaway and homeless youth, providing support and resources to help them find stability. Michelle explains, “Safe Harbor prides itself on having wrap-around services designed to help with all levels of trauma, abuse, neglect, and homelessness.” 

During Safe Harbor’s Champions for Children Culmination Event – Stripes and Bright Stars Brunswick Bash – we celebrated the commitment of all our champions, unveiling the remarkable total funds raised, and bestowing the crown upon our Ultimate Champion. In an awe-inspiring display of generosity, our dedicated champions rallied together, raising a staggering $142,600 for our noble cause. In light of this remarkable accomplishment, it was with great honor that we recognized Chefs David and Ryanne Carrier of Certified Pantry and Dulce Dough as our esteemed champions. Their remarkable fundraising expertise propelled them to raise an amount of $31,150, firmly establishing their deserving position as the champions at the forefront of our campaign. Second place was claimed by Jimmy Van Boxel of Uberzoot Salon, who passionately campaigned and raised an impressive $16,217. Meg Corry of Womble Bond Dickinson LLP secured third place with an extraordinary contribution of $12,450. 

Our champions have demonstrated that when hearts unite, incredible change can be accomplished. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our champions for their selfless efforts and dedication to securing a brighter future for our beloved children. “It’s just been amazing to see. We are so excited to see this grow. The champions are already talking about how they’re going to beat each other next year,” reports Fasig. 

The funds raised through our Champions for Children campaign will directly benefit these vital facilities, providing crucial support to the children and youth we serve. These resilient individuals have faced significant hardships in their young lives, enduring abuse, violence, and trauma. They carry the weight of years of pain and suffering, often feeling neglected and unworthy, with deep emotional and physical scars. However, we firmly believe their past experiences should not determine their future. The 500+ donors who supported our cause during this fundraiser have played a vital role in their journey toward a brighter future. Each contribution represents not only a financial gift but also a tangible testament to the compassion, empathy, and support of our community.