Every child deserves the chance to experience the magic of Halloween, but for children who have grown up facing unimaginable hardships, these simple joys are sometimes missed. This was the unfortunate reality for eleven-year-old Maddy. Maddy’s journey to Safe Harbor Children’s Center was marked by a past of abuse and trauma, leaving little room to create happy memories. However, Safe Harbor believes that every child should have the opportunity to create happy memories.

Staff knowing the importance of making this year special for Maddy, brought her to Safe Harbor’s Thrift Shop and Donation Center to see if she could find a costume for the upcoming Halloween festivities. As Maddy entered the shop her eyes locked on a sparkly pink dress. It was clear that she needed to try it on, immediately.

When she emerged from the fitting room, her smile sparkled brighter than the dress itself. “I feel like a princess!” she exclaimed, and in that moment, she truly was.

Precious moments like these are only possible thanks to the generosity of Safe Harbor’s supporters who donate Halloween costumes for our young residents. Their donations bring happiness, excitement, and help create lasting memories that will stay with the children in residence long after they leave our care.


Happy Spooky Season Everyone!

–  Miranda Vogt