GOAL 1: Programs & Services

Deliver a comprehensive, centralized continuum of excellent, mission-appropriate services to at-risk children, individuals, and families

1. Provide excellence in programming and services necessary to meet our communities’ documented needs

2. Establish Safe Harbor as the provider of choice for comprehensive care solutions and trauma-informed training for children, families, individuals, and referral sources

3. Advocate for changes in public policies that impact the ability of Safe Harbor to serve its clients and communities

GOAL 2: Sustainability & Growth

Establish diversified and viable funding streams for long-term organizational sustainability and growth

1. Expand philanthropic support from individuals, corporations, and foundations through implementation of a comprehensive fundraising plan

2. Assess state and federal government funding priorities and policies to determine their potential impact on the budget and on the viability of current and future programs and services

3. Explore opportunities to increase unrestricted funds through revenue generating services and earned income producing operations

GOAL 3: Workforce Development

Develop comprehensive plan for workforce development with focus on talent acquisition, training, and retention of staff.

1. Create opportunities for staff development and advancement

2. Promote awareness and understanding of workplace culture and opportunities

3. Ensure collaboration among Safe Harbor staff to support improved service delivery and employee professional growth

GOAL 4: Governance

Expand the reach, readiness, and influence of the board and volunteer leadership to support critical fiduciary, advocacy, awareness, engagement, and fundraising responsibilities

1. Maintain an effective, diverse Board of Directors

2. Expand volunteer leadership opportunities to further support fundraising and community engagement

GOAL 5: Brand Awareness

Elevate name recognition and reputation of Safe Harbor Center to be the industry provider, employer, and charity of choice in Southeast Georgia

1. Increase public awareness and deepen connections with key audiences through targeted storytelling

2. Ensure a unified brand strategy, and wider dissemination of information via a range of marketing vehicles

GOAL 6: Infrastructure

Assess and upgrade organizational infrastructure, including physical facilities and technology systems to better meet current and future needs

1. Create a masterplan to evaluate existing facilities and their current and future maintenance costs

2. Consolidate Safe Harbor’s Brunswick programs in a downtown campus

3. Improve organizational decision-making and outcomes through updated technology operations, including improved cybersecurity measures, data collection, analysis, and reporting