Street Beat

A street outreach program designed to help keep teens off the streets

Street Beat is a street outreach program that canvasses neighborhoods reaching out to homeless teens. The Street Beat staff works hard to build trusting relationships, provide nutrition, academic support, hygiene kits, sexual exploitation literature, and support for youth who want to come off the streets. Young people receive help completing their education, planning for careers, and acquiring housing.

Success Story

My name is Akia McCall. I am 18 years old and I am a first-year college student at Coastal Georgia Community College in Brunswick Georgia. I will be majoring in Psychology with the hope of becoming a therapist in the near future.

I wasn’t always as focused as I am in this moment. During my junior year in High School, I was kicked out of my house due to a situation with my mother. I was not allowed to visit or communicate with my family. After spending a few hours with Ms. Devin at Brunswick High, Mr. Jeff Clark and Ms. Sharron Atkinson from Safe Harbor’s Street Beat program walked into the room to assist me. As a young lady who had just become homeless, my attitude reflected my future and they both did not look bright.

Both Mr. Jeff and Ms. Sharron worked to place me in a safe and stable home until I could move in with my grandmother and grandfather who at that time had no availability at their home.

After 3 months, I begin to live with my grandparents. I finished my junior year of High School and continued to work with Street Beat.

That year, I experienced several setbacks in my personal relationships, but they provided counseling. I also needed help with tutoring in a few difficult subjects, but all of this was offered with the Street Outreach Program. I finished my Junior year happy and hopeful.

In August 2016, I became a graduating senior at Brunswick High School. My attitude was better and my future was brighter. I attended my first prom sponsored by the Street Outreach staff who provided all the finical support needed to attend. I visited a few colleges and was provided assistance with my SAT and ACT testing through tutoring and work groups at Street Beat. I scored a 22 on my ACT scores which allowed me to attend the college of my choice. Last but not least, I graduated on time with the help of Safe Harbor’s Street Beat program!

Street Beat in Action