Zach’s Place: Runaway & Homeless Youth Emergency Shelter

An emergency program serving the immediate needs of Glynn County’s runaway and homeless youth

Zach’s Place: Runaway & Homeless Youth Emergency Shelter (RHY) is a Basic Center Program emergency shelter providing for the immediate needs of runaway and homeless youth in Glynn County, Georgia. Through RHY, children receive the encouragement, resources and skills they need to make healthy choices regarding how they live, and ultimately secure the safe, stable and supportive living arrangements they need to fulfill their potential and successfully contribute to society.

Services are provided in a two-story home that includes eight beds (4 boys, 4 girls), two-and-a-half baths, a large living room, study room, dining room, kitchen, laundry area, family visitation area and activity center, as well as administrative offices for staff. The continuum of counseling services includes aftercare counseling for families.

Success Story

A young man contacted Street Beat with the assistance of the Division of Family & Children Services in Kingsland, GA. He ran away from home and he wanted to get back home but didn’t have the money nor the resources to return to his family. The Camden County Police Department transported the young man to Safe Harbor Children’s Center. The staff fed him and prepared a place for him to sleep. He showered and watched television until he fell asleep.

The following morning, staff from the Zach’s Place: Runaway & Homeless Youth Emergency Shelter (RHY) greeted the young man and took him to their office to interview him about his situation. After listening to his story, RHY called his mother to let her know he was all right and that they were checking resources to send him back home. The mother was elated and began to cry over the phone, asking if we could help her get her son back home. A call to the National Safe Place was conducted and the representative interviewed the young man along with his mother on the phone. The representative asked questions to verify his identity. Afterwards, the young man was given a free bus ticket to get back home. RHY staff took the young man to the bus station and he rode home with no complications. He called RHY staff later that evening, expressing his gratitude for sending him home to his mother and family.