Safe Place

Serves youth in crisis with Safe Place sites that offer access to Safe Harbor

Safe Place provides a haven for children seeking safety; children who have no other place to turn. Safe Place is a national program coordinated locally by the Safe Place Team, which maintains 136 Safe Place physical sites, and 126 mobile sites throughout the community. Safe Harbor provides workshops and presentations to these children in area schools, giving out materials and answering questions. Learn more at:

If you feel that you are in danger,
text 44357 on your smartphone.

This will give you the location of the nearest Safe Place site dependent on your location. If needed, our team will come to that site to pick you up.

Safe Place Locations

In addition to all of the Safe Harbor sites, the following are also Safe Place locations.

  • Boys & Girls Clubs (Brunswick, Jesup & St. Simons)
  • Bowl Arena (Brunswick)
  • Casa of Glynn (Brunswick)
  • Care Net (Brunswick)
  • Coastal Chiropractic (Brunswick)
  • Colonial Place Mall (Brunswick)
  • Crowley Chiropractic (Brunswick)
  • Darien Authority (Darien)
  • Direct Cable (Brunswick)
  • Dominos Pizza (Brunswick & St. Simons) 
  • Fire departments (Brunswick, St. Simons & Jekyll Island)
  • First African Baptist Church (Brunswick) 
  • GA Stop (Brunswick)
  • Gilead Ministry Center (Jesup)
  • Golden Isles Laundry (Brunswick)
  • Glynn County Health Department (Brunswick)
  • Home Depot (Brunswick)
  • Jacob’s Glass (Brunswick)
  • McDonald’s (Brunswick & St. Simons) 
  • McIntosh Family Chiropractic (Darien)
  • Michael’s Deli (Brunswick)
  • New China (Brunswick)
  • Pam Pam’s (Brunswick)
  • Papa John’s Pizza (Brunswick)
  • Parkers Convenience Stores (Brunswick, Darien & St. Simons)
  • Police Department (Brunswick & Glynn County)
  • Pound for Pound (Brunswick)
  • The Rock (Brunswick) 
  • Schools (Brunswick, Darien, St. Simons, Camden & Kingsland)
  • School buses (Glynn County & McIntosh County)
  • Shell Gas Station (Brunswick)
  • Skateland (Brunswick)
  • St. Simons Music (St. Simons)
  • Strike Zone (Brunswick)
  • U-Save Cabinets (Brunswick)
  • Visitation Center (Darien)
  • Wal-Mart (Brunswick) 
  • Wendy’s (Brunswick)
  • Winn-Dixie (Brunswick)
  • Xpress Lube & Car Wash (Brunswick)

Safe Place in Action