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Home for children in need of a safe environment

Safe Harbor’s mission is to provide shelter and therapeutic services to children who have been abused, abandoned or neglected; who are homeless or have run away from home, or who are otherwise at risk or feel threatened. That mission is powered by eight programs:

Safe Harbor Children's Center   1) Safe Harbor Children’s Center serves children removed from dangerous situations and, as a long term residential shelter, provides nurturing care, medical and dental services, school support, and therapeutic counseling.
Zach’s Place: Runaway & Homeless Youth Emergency Shelter   2) Zach’s Place: Runaway & Homeless Youth Emergency Shelter (RYH) is a Basic Center Program emergency shelter providing for the immediate needs of runaway and homeless youth in Glynn County, Georgia. Through RHY, children receive the encouragement, resources and skills they need to make healthy choices regarding how they live, and ultimately secure the safe, stable and supportive living arrangements they need to fulfill their potential and successfully contribute to society.
STRIVE Transitional Living Program   3) Our STRIVE Transitional Living Program fills a void in services for a very large portion of southeast Georgia: young homeless girls, ages 16 to 22 with a goal of getting these girls off the streets. By helping them build permanent connections with caring adults, our hope is that these girls will become productive members of society.
Street Beat   4) Street Beat program canvases neighborhoods reaching out to teens living on the streets. Staff build trusting relationships, provide nutrition and hygiene kits, sexual exploitation literature, and provide support for those youth who want to come off the streets. Young people receive help completing their education, planning for careers and maintaining housing.
Safe Harbor Children’s Advocacy Center   5) The Safe Harbor Children’s Advocacy Center serves victims of child abuse throughout the Brunswick Judicial Circuit. Safe Harbor provides rehabilitative care to more than 250 child victims of sexual and/or severe physical abuse every year.
Connie Smith Rape Crisis Center   6) The Connie Smith Rape Crisis Center has a mission to provide a location for prevention, intervention, support services and investigation of sexual assault. These services are used in effort to stabilize the lives of the victims and their families. We support their physical and emotional healing, and help the victim to return to healthy individual and family functioning, while assisting them through the judicial process.
Family Preservation   7) Family Preservation provides intervention, reunification and support services to families in the community that are referred by Child Protective Services.
Safe Harbor Thrift Shop & Donation Center   8) Safe Harbor Thrift Shop & Donation Center allows us to provide all of Safe Harbor’s clients with clothes and shoes. From our group homes to our outreach programs to our rape crisis center, our Thrift Shop and Donation Center is vital to meeting their needs. During the summer, our Thrift Shop is also utilized to train and teach our youth over 16 the soft and vocational skills they need to enter the workforce.

The eight programs each provide an important component of providing for the safety and well-being of youth to achieve the vision that all children live in a safe place.

Are you in danger?

Safe Place
If you feel that you are in danger, text 44357 on your smartphone. This will give you the location of the nearest Safe Place site based on your location. If needed, our team will come to that site to pick you up.

Reference Links


Several roads lead to Safe Harbor. While most referrals come from the Division of Family and Children Services and the Department of Juvenile Justice, referrals also come through family members, the court and school systems, and members of the clergy. In addition, youth have even been known to self-refer in crisis situations.

With the majority of fundraising dollars coming from Georgia’s Glynn County and the immediately surrounding counties, children referred from these areas are given priority. However, Safe Harbor often accepts and takes placement of children from other counties within Georgia, and even for runaway youth from across the nation.

When receiving a referral, Safe Harbor seeks as much information as possible to determine how best to comfort and serve the young individual. Of most importance are the youth’s medical records and school placement information, so an easy transition into the local Glynn County school system can be accomplished.